The South Bay Cluster Association was incorporated in December of 1984 as a non-stock, non-profit corporation under the Code of Virginia.  This Association owns, maintains, and improves the common area of South Bay for the use of property owners, their families, and tenants.  A copy of the Articles of Incorporation and the Cluster By-Laws are available to each household in the community.

The affairs of the Association are managed by its Board of Directors.  The Board is elected by the membership of the Association at the Annual Meeting held each November.  The terms, duties, and obligations of the Board of Directors are outlined in the Association's By-Laws.


As residents of a cluster within the community of Reston, we are subject to the rules and regulations of the Reston Association. Each household pays an annual assessment to the Reston Association; the billing of this assessment is made directly to each household by the Reston Association and is not included in the Cluster's annual budget.  Copies of the Reston Association's By-Laws, use covenants and their design guidelines are available through the Member Relations Division of the Reston Association, located at 1930 Isaac Newton Square, Reston, Virginia.  Their phone number is (703) 435-6567.


There is a playground near the entrance of our community.  This playground is owned and maintained by the Reston Association and is for the use of all Reston residents. 


The South Bay Cluster Association Board of Directors determines the annual Cluster budget and presents it for approval to the membership at the Cluster's Annual Meeting.  The budget is formulated by determining funds needed to maintain, repair or make necessary replacements to the Cluster common area. Cluster dues are used to pay for grounds maintenance, trash collection, snow removal, etc.  An escrow fund has been established to finance the future expenses associated with the maintaining and repaving of South Bay Lane which is a private road owned by the Association.

Dues are paid quarterly in equal amounts on the first day of January, April, July, and

and October.  A late fee is charged for payments received more than 30 days after the 1st of each month.  Chronically delinquent homeowners may be asked to make an annual payment of dues in advance.


A General Meeting is held each November with the time and location of that meeting made known to the community at least two weeks in advance.  At the meeting a budget for the following calendar year is presented and voted upon; elections for board members are held and other business is transacted according to the needs of the Cluster.  Additional General Meetings may be held throughout the year.


Included in the annual dues paid by each homeowner in the association are the following:

Trash Removal.  Trash is collected twice a week, on Monday and Thursday; newspapers and other recyclable material is collected on Thursday. The recycling trucks may come early on Thursday so material should be set out the evening before.  See the attachment from AAA Disposal for further information.

Snow Removal.  Plowing is done when snow reaches the two-inch mark.  When necessary, sanding of the street is also done.  Plowing individual driveways is not included, however homeowner may contract with the company doing Cluster plowing on an individual basis to clear their driveways.

Landscaping.  Included in the landscaping services is mowing and edging of homeowner’s lawns and common areas approximately 26 times per season.  Weed killer, mulch, fertilizer and an annual application of lime and seeding are also included.  A copy of the Cluster's landscaping contract is available for review by the membership.


The community dock is available for use by all residents of South Bay Cluster.

To ensure access to the lake, the East side, or left-hand side as one approaches from the path is posted with a sign, “No Mooring This Side.”  Small, portable boats (canoes, rowboats, sailboats, etc.) may be stored on the cluster common ground along the pathway next to the dock, and launched the this end of the dock.

The remainder of the dock is available for mooring upon permission of the cluster board of directors.  The Board will make every effort to accommodate all requests on a “first-come, first-serve” basis.  If necessary, a waiting list will be instituted.

To ensure fair apportionment of the limited space available, mooring permission will no longer be granted for pontoon or “party” boats.  The boats already moored at the dock will be allowed to remain because they received permission before these regulations were documented.

Dock space for mooring, once provided, does not convey with the sale of property in South Bay.

The cluster is not responsible for loss of or damage to any boats moored at the dock or stored on common ground.


Fairfax County Code prohibits curbside parking on streets with pavement widths of less than 30 feet, thereby eliminating curbside parking in our community.  Please park cars on driveways or in designated parking areas.



The approved color palette for South Bay is as follows:



Gray Homes

Brown Homes

Siding Colors

Olympic #911, Cape Cod Gray (Stain)

Olympic Solid Stain #914, Cape Cod Gray

Olympic #717, Natural Redwood (Stain)

Pratt & Lambert Solid Hide Custom Stain #3*

Trim Colors

McCormick #216, Hearth Stone, Latex House Paint (Flat)

McCormick #222, Fairfax Brown, Latex House Paint (Flat)

Front Door

McCormick #217, Palace Red (Farm House Red)

McCormick #225, Old Colonial Red


*The Pratt & Lambert Stain #3 is available at Tri-City Too paint store in Vienna.

Roofing shingles are Certainteed brand “Slate Gray”



·        Please consider your neighbors and neighborhood; respect the property of others.

·        Please clean up after your pet.

·        When a neighbor is away, please pick up newspapers or packages that arrive in their absence.

·        Please be careful and remember that anything you dispose of on the street will make its way through the storm sewer and into the lake.

·        Keep it bright! Please turn on post lamps and outside lights at night.



Additional assessments to the Cluster dues may be made from time to time by approval of the Cluster Association.


There is a Road Reserve Fund that is funded each budget year.  This funding is included in the annual dues assessed to the community.  Since the road system in our cluster is privately owned we are totally responsible for the maintenance of the road.



There are no pending suits or unpaid judgments to which the Association is a party.



General Liability policy: $1,000,000 limit of liability

Directors' and Officers' liability policy:  $1,000,000 limit of liability



No notice has been given to the seller by the South Bay Cluster Association of any improvement or alteration made to the lot or uses made of the lot areas or common area assigned as being in violation of the By-Laws and Cluster rules and regulations.

·        South Bay Cluster Association approved budget for 1999

·        South Bay Cluster Association Articles of Incorporation

·        South Bay Cluster Association By-Laws

·        Reston Association rules on lakes usage and boats.